Various Online Platforms to Accelerate CAT Preparation

Online educational platforms can be beneficial in a number of ways for students appearing for various entrance exams such as Common Admission Test. These facilitate easy access to updated study materials, practice tests online prepared by CAT experts and the convenience to learn live with educators. Students also gain familiarity with the exam pattern and important questions. However, the biggest advantage of online educational platforms is the flexibility of time through recorded lectures or video lessons and audio lessons.

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Online Educational Platforms for CAT Exam Preparations

Below are some of the most common and popular online platforms for better CAT exam preparations.

Educational Apps

Apps are extremely useful because of easy accessibility and availability. Any student with a smartphone or a computer can make use of the multiple CAT preparation related apps to study on the go at no additional cost.

Apart from study material for CAT, online apps also give out exam details such as exam date, exam pattern, question paper format and important questions.

The highly beneficial feature of apps is the possibility of download of study materials and offline viewing for future references.

Some useful apps to prepare for CAT exam are TCY Exam Prep, MBA Test Prep, MBA-CAT/ CMAT Preparation, IIM-CAT Test Prep, CAT Wordlist, Time4CAT and MBA Exams Guide.

The fact that there are apps that help with English vocabulary through multiple learning modes such as Flash cards, Quizzes, Puzzles and ones that provide questions to practice from easy to difficult levels makes learning by apps the best study option for CAT aspirants.

YouTube Channels

Studying and preparing through YouTube channels is one of the top preferred choices to study these days, as they help save time and are extremely helpful for students who can’t afford extra coaching facilities. All that is required is a smartphone or a computer to access content on YouTube channels.

The YouTube channels related to CAT preparation usually consists of video lessons or lectures on subject wise and topic wise. In this regard, some of the popular channels include Byju, PerfectScores, Bodhaguru, Eduonlineindia, Pyoopel, Takshzila, 2IIMCAT and Handa Ka Funda. Most of these channels provide video tutorials on topic introductions for various subjects along with relevant questions and break down of complicated concepts for easy learning.

Mock Tests

Mock Tests help in easy testing of exam preparedness and time management. Regular practice with mock tests, especially before the actual exam also helps in avoiding repetition of mistakes.

Several educational websites provide online mock tests and other test series as part of their online coaching classes or courses. Nowadays, with advance technology there are also mock tests that are designed to give performance assessments after giving CAT mock tests. To make it easier, students can choose between Full mock tests, Sectional and Topic based mock tests and other chapter wise tests.

Some of the best known names in CAT mock tests include TIME AIMCAT series, TestFunda and TCY.

Online Coaching Classes

Online coaching is pocket friendly and the courses are provided at affordable costs, starting at INR 5,000. For instance, TCYOnline offers online courses for CAT starting at INR 900.

With online classes, students are usually provided with study materials in the form of audio books, e-books, e-articles, video lessons or lectures, PDF files and e-booklets. Classes are also in online mode and can be viewed later. Students can also clear their doubts through live chats, online discussion forums and feedbacks. Since these classes and courses are mostly self-paced, they are most suited for working professionals due to is easy accessibility, anytime and anywhere.

Another advantage of online classes is the ready availability of chapter wise and sectional tests to prepare for CAT.

Certain online coaching classes has their own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles, providing daily preparation pointers and live group discussions. In case a student does not wish to opt for the entire coaching, they are free to opt for soft skill courses on Essay writing or English Grammar as part of exam preparations.

Online Question Banks

Online question Banks is another useful CAT preparation tool found in the internet. With detailed video explainers and solutions, Question Banks should definitely be on every CAT aspirant’s list.

Students can also avoid physically carrying around huge volumes of Question Bank books, which are also costly. In the case of online Question Banks, they are both free and downloadable or at affordable cost from various educational websites. One can usually find a minimum of 1000+ questions across various sections of CAT in these books.

Learning from Question Banks can prove resourceful, both for exposure to different question patterns and for learning concepts easily step by step from explanations provided. Even experts recommend solving at least 10-15 questions on a daily basis from Question Banks for revision purposes.

TenADay and 2IIM are some of the popular online Question Banks, out of which 2IIM’s Question Banks are totally free for use.

CAT Preparation Blogs

Along with websites and apps, there are also exam preparation blogs that are useful for CAT exam preparations. Blogs are resourceful here mainly because they are easy to read and simple language. Sometimes, reading through blogs are better than complicated lecture notes.

With regard to CAT exam preparations, blogs written by Handa ka Funda, Wordpandit, CAT100percentile, 2IIM’s, CAT-holics, Swaminomics are the most recommended ones. These blogs are written considering the various stages of CAT exam preparation and are mostly sequence wise or in order, hence easier to follow.

Online News

The last online platform to be included in this list is online newspapers. Since reading and keeping updated with latest news is a requisite to clear most management exams, reading online news is highly useful for any CAT aspirant. With almost every newspaper edition available online, learning this way is practical and easy to implement.

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